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Bamba Greenhouse

are a great example of recycling and innovation where value is created from materials that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. IBC tanks or bamba are used as high-quality building materials for the production of greenhouses that meet the strictest requirements of Icelandic users.

Bamba greenhouses are part of the circular economy and can mark themselves with 9 of the 13 global goals of the United Nations in climate matters. This is processing or recycling in its purest form, where we design and create a more valuable product than that which would otherwise end up in disposal.


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Bamba greenhouses are a unique design that is suitable for all crops, whether for home or business. They are constructed from a galvanized steel frame, clad in 10mm insulated greenhouse plastic and come with a custom made steel door along with a storm iron skylight.

The houses do not need to be anchored to the ground and are low-maintenance, although of course the doors and moving parts need to be lubricated and applied, especially near the sea.

Also, many people like to have gravel slabs or other good substrate, especially in the corridor of the house, so that it .

In Bamba greenhouse you can grow all year round.

Bamba greenhouse stands for: Processing, Innovation, Value creation, Sustainability, Nutrition, Food security, Education, Job creation and Environmental protection.

The main advantages of Bamba greenhouses:

Bamba greenhouses are Icelandic ingenuity and production.

Bamba greenhouses are the circular economy in all its forms.

Bamba greenhouses are portable, while in full use.

Bamba greenhouses only need a flat surface and no grounding.

Bamba greenhouses can withstand wind and heavy snow.

Bamba greenhouses come with planters.

Bamba greenhouses makes better use of square meters than other greenhouses.

Bamba greenhouses are suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Bamba greenhouses can be extended and raised as needed.



Bamba greenhouses are perfect for use both in teaching and learning. In the future, Bamba greenhouses can be seen to be as commonplace in schools as any other tool for the benefit of children. In addition to growing knowledge, individuals get an insight into the diversity of materials in Bamba greenhouses. The same applies to students at secondary school level who want to further specialize in the field of cultivation. Each planter is isolated from each other, making all observations and experiments easy.

A child who grows cabbage, eats cabbage.

Employment Generation

We want to create employment opportunities in all parts of the country. Bamba greenhouse could work as an interdisciplinary collaboration of many professions and create many job opportunities suitable for everyone.



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